Simply the cloud

Your LinkedIn prospecting, automated.

Tired of having to leave your computer switched on so that you send all your messages on LinkedIn every day?
With Cloud Francewaa, the problem is fixed. In just 3 minutes. And you don't need to have any tech know-how.

Come into the cloud
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Your LinkedIn prospecting .
In the Cloud. All the time.

Cloud Francewaa allows you to have LinkedIn accounts that work in the cloud with any extension. So your prospecting never ends.

  • ProspectIn
  • Octopus CRM
  • Dux-Soup
  • Any & and every Chrome extension
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The ideal solution

The avantages of the cloud. And Chrome extensions.

  1. Security.

    Everything is done to completely mimic natural behaviour, indistinguishable from a real human.

  2. Simplicity.

    Connect to LinkedIn. Choose your extensions. Confirm them. And that's it!

  3. Universal.

    Cloud Francewaa adapts to any Chrome extension for LinkedIn automation, but also for any scraper.

Beyond limits...

And if your LinkedIn prospecting never stops?


Run as many accounts as you like. Perfectly suited to agencies and sales teams.

Payment per use

You only pay for the hours that you use. A pricing that's adapted exactly to your needs.

Local IP address

Chrome sessions are launched via a proxy, which ensure that you have a fixed IP address in your country.


Follow the acivity in your Chrome browsers and pause them whenever you like.


Define the hours in which you want your accounts to start running. Then everything is automated.


Your accounts are running 24/7. You can manage each parameter. Everything is easy and under your control.

A flexible pricing.

Whether you want to use one account or run a group of accounts, we have a pricing option that's suited to your needs.

  • Simultaneous sessions:
  • Activity hours:
  • Features:

4,99 €/mois

  • Simultaneous sessions Unlimited
  • Activity hours: 8h/day
  • Features: Everything

Questions & Answers

Why use a Cloud ?

By running a Chrome session in the cloud with an extension, you make sure that they continue to work, even when your computer is turned off.

The free trial gives you access to all the features of the ADVANCED plan for a week.

You don't need to provide your credit card or bank details in order to start the free trial.

For the moment, only LinkedIn is available. But Cloud-Francewaa is designed to be able to accommodate other networking sites. So don't hesitate to let us know what you need!

Just click on the chat on the bottom-right hand side of the page. Here or on the app's interface. On average we respond in under 10 minutes.

As a Chrome Extension, we don't get Captcha tests. That's what makes Cloud Francewaa great.


It's about time!

No other tool on the market today allows a Chrome extension to work in the cloud.
We've done it.

I'm in!